Problem Status: Due Oct. 28


September 2022 Problem of the Month

Problem Status: Solved.


August Raybould

Serenity Allen

Anna Rhodes

Patrick Eisen

Kevin Warunek

Amelia Carlile

Michaela Caniglia

Mattie Orange


Other solvers:

Jim Flock

Kate Blank

Sarah Reynolds

Bain Cameron


The Fine Print

Each month, Drs. Poplin, Shoenthal, Hoehner, and Ledford will choose or create a problem of the month.

The general rules are:

  • Submissions must be dated; only the last submission will be graded.
  • Submissions must include a complete mathematical justification along with the answer.
  • Submissions must represent your own work.
  • Submissions may only be made by individuals or groups of two.
  • Submissions for each problem are due before 5 p.m. on a specified day of the month the problem appears.
  • Submissions should be given or emailed to one of the professors above, whose offices are in the Rotunda.

The Longwood student with the highest number of correct solutions during the academic year will win a prize.  A runner-up will also win a prize.

Notes: when it applies, department faculty aren't listed in the solver's list.  Also, we do not post solutions to unsolved problems.  However, we're happy to discuss a problem with you after the due date.