Student Organizations

ACM Club

The Association for Computing Machinery Student Club. The ACM sponsors and participates in several activities throughout the academic year including the ACM programming contest and the well-received "bash the computer" booth at Oktoberfest.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Julian Dymacek

Chess Club

The Longwood Chess Club promotes chess play on the Longwood Campus, engages in intermural and intercollegiate chess competitions, and provide facilities for students, faculty, and staff to learn chess or improve their chess game.

Advisor: Dr. Robert Marmorstein

Cybersecurity Club

Our mission is to promote the understanding of computer and network security threats, to engage in intercollegiate cybersecurity competitions, and serve as a supplement to help prepare students for careers in cybersecurity.

The club is open to members of any experience level, and welcomes anyone with an interest in learning and participating in events and competitions related to cybersecurity.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Marmorstein, Dr. Darrell Carpenter and Dr. Laura Poe

Game Development Club

The game development club supports students with an interest in video game design, programming, and modification across all majors. Recent club activities have included workshops on game engines, game design and development meetings, and work on the Computer Science department's open source arcade machine. We encourage participation from anyone with an interest in video game programming, artwork, music, or story building.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Marmorstein

Math Club

The Math Club sponsors several activities throughout the year, including a game night for faculty and students.

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Leah Shilling-Stouffer and Dr. Kristen Boyle

Pi Mu Epsilon

Virginia Epsilon Chapter

The Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics honor society is by invitation only and based on academic performance. Our Virginia Epsilon chapter sponsors the famous "Problem of the Month" as well as offering tutoring sessions to Longwood students before final exams.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas Wears