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Intramural Sports

Intramural Sign ups are completed online at Imleagues.com

Need help Signing Up? Follow the links in the sidebar for further instructions!

Fall 2014 Intramural Schedule


 Sports Offered


Sign-Up Deadline

*Captains Meeting

Play Dates

Fees per team

Softball (min of 10 players)

Full Season 

Sept. 3

Sept. 4 @ 4pm 

Sept. 7-
Oct. 2


Sand Vball
(min 4 players)

One Day Tournament**

Sept. 25

Sept 26 @ 3:30pm

Sept. 26 @ 4pm


Flag Football
(min 7 players)

Full Season

Oct. 1

Oct. 2 @ 4:00pm

Oct. 8- Nov. 5


(min 2 players)

One Day Tournament** Oct. 23 Oct. 24 @ 3:30pm Oct. 24 @ 4pm $20

Indoor Volleyball
(min 6 players)

Short Season Nov. 5 Nov. 6 @ 4pm

Nov 9-
Dec 4


(min 6 players)

One Day Tournament**

Nov. 13

Nov .14 @ 3:30pm

Nov 14. @ 4pm



*Meetings will be held in classroom 305 of the Health and Fitness Center

Intramurals are open to ALL students(Full time, Part-time, graduate, and distant learner), faculty, and staff.


Men's, Women's, and Co-Recreation leagues are offered.

Payments must be made before or at the captains meeting. 

**One day tournaments sponsored by Longwood Student Organizations. Proceeds of these tournaments to benefit Philanthropy of organization's choice**



Questions or Concerns?

Please contact:

Intramural Sports Office

434-395-2783 (fax)