What Our Alumni Say

“I learned so much through the real-world experiences that this program provided. The classes prepared me for every aspect of being a librarian – from collection development to behavior management. I love that the school librarianship program has introduced me to emerging trends in the field and new literature and technologies to incorporate in my own library. I feel completely prepared to start my career as a school librarian.”

Genny Ruff ’16, M.S. ‘17

 “Longwood’s Library program prepared me both in theory and practice to be a school librarian. The professors brought authentic learning in coursework as well as developed my leadership skills. Under the mentorship of the Longwood Library Program professors, I have been able to grow professionally from a high school school librarian to the K-12 Library Services Specialist for Chesterfield County Public Schools, a past president of VAASL, and at a national level with AASL.  

Lori Donovan ’02, M.S. ‘05
K-12 Library Services Specialist, Chesterfield County Public Schools

“As a student in the School Librarianship program at Longwood University, you become part of a family. Small class sizes and professors that are easily accessible allow you to form lasting relationships with colleagues as you learn and grow together. The skills, experiences and relationships I have gained allow me to network and expand my knowledge-base with fellow librarians and their diverse viewpoints. The greatest impact is on my students with an emphasis on global learning and 21st century literacy skills that helps to encourage them to be life-long lovers of reading. The influence of my Longwood education on my teaching, students, and school community will be felt far beyond my time spent on campus.”

Jennifer Bennett Nelson ’19
Librarian, Crewe Primary School

"From the day I graduated from Longwood’s Librarianship program, I felt ready and prepared to take on the responsibilities of a high school librarian.  I have two other certifications and a Master’s Degree from other institutions – one as a reading specialist and one as a special educator. Longwood’s classes and professors prepared me far better than any other institution for the responsibilities expected from both of these positions. The courses and assignments are relevant to current topics in the field and the instructors are knowledgeable in their practice and always available for guidance, even after you graduate.”

Tonya Dagstani, M.S. ’15
Librarian, Loudoun County High School

“ Author Shelby Foote once said, ‘A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.’  Longwood is so much more.  As a student of the School Librarianship program, I was welcomed and nurtured as if I was family.  Years after graduating, I still feel that way every time I step on campus.  Like any great family, Longwood provided me with the foundation I needed to create a strong library program in my middle school.”

Patrice Lambusta
Writing Lead
VAASL York Regional Director
Passage Middle School