Letter from the Vice President

Welcome to Longwood Student Affairs where developing citizen leaders in a meaningful learning environment is our mission and passion.

Organizationally many offices comprise the division of student affairs; however, student lives and learning are not segmented into divisions, departments, classrooms, or even into research activities.

We collaborate with faculty and staff throughout the campus to enrich and integrate learning experiences and opportunities into all facets of university life. Research confirms that a student's involvement and engagement in his or her learning produces the greatest gains and that one's peers have the most influence. Student leadership is a central component of our campus culture and intricately woven into the very fabric of Longwood's meaningful learning environment. Over 150 student organizations offer fertile ground for students to explore their interests, test their skills, become involved in the community, or simply try something new.

At the beginning of each academic year the Student Honor Board along with faculty, robed in full academic regalia, assemble for the Honor Ceremony where all freshmen sign their pledge to uphold the Honor Code. In 2010, Longwood celebrated 100 years of this rich and cherished tradition that exemplifies the essence of our core values. Each student is treated with dignity and respect, and we expect students to own responsibility for their education, decisions, and behavior.

It is truly a distinct privilege to be a part of this challenging endeavor where the success of every student matters and that our partnership in this journey leads students to discover the power within!

Please feel free to contact me or any one of our staff, if we can be of any assistance to you.

Tim J. Pierson, Ph.D
Vice President for Student Affairs