The Longwood University Honor System is comprised of:

The three basic provisions of the Honor Code of Conduct, which strictly forbids lying, cheating, or stealing, represents the standards of integrity and moral responsibility that all students, groups and organizations are expected to exemplify.

The Honor Code is one of Longwood's proudest traditions. Established by the student body in 1910, for more than 100 years the disciplinary system has protected the basic values of honor and academic integrity. The Honor Creed is prominently displayed in the University Library, and each classroom contains a copy of the Academic Honor Pledge

As one of the most respected traditions at Longwood University, the Honor System promotes an atmosphere of trust, where students are presumed honorable unless their actions prove them otherwise. It also serves as a higher-order set of moral standards and principles for all members of the community to follow and take with them wherever their lives may lead.

The Honor & Conduct Board

Board members are students selected each year by a rigorous process with input by the Student Government Association. 

The Honor & Conduct Board hears alleged violations of both the Code of Conduct Standards and Regulations and Honor Code of Conduct Standards and Regulations.  This includes issues of lying, stealing, cheating, academic integrity and plagiarism.

Specific information about Honor Code of Conduct Standards and Regulations, and Code of Conduct Standards and Regulations violations and hearing procedures is in the Student Handbook.

Incident Reporting Form - Honor / Code of Conduct Charges

Use the Incident Reporting Form - Honor / Code of Conduct Charges form to file Honor Code and/or Code of Conduct charges(s).

Incident Reporting Form

If the incident involves multiple students, you only need to submit one form. The student’s legal name (no nicknames) and L number is required.

It is extremely important that you include complete and detailed information to avoid delays in processing. All attachments must be in PDF format.

Sexual Misconduct

This form may not be used for sexual misconduct violations.

Contact the Title IX office or for emergencies contact LUPD at 911 or (434)395-2091.