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Policies & Procedures

Top Ten Policies Clubs & Organizations Need to Know

  • Raffle, Fundraising, Table Tents and TV stations
    • If your organization would like to conduct a raffle or fundraiser, you need to register it on the Collegiatelink website.
    • If you would like to get your organizations event or meeting on the table tent or weekly email, you can send it to advertise@longwood.edu.
  • Room Reservations
    • To reserve a room in the Student Union please use the Reserve a Room form. If you would like to reserve any other space on campus go to the Conferences and Scheduling's web site. All room reservations need to be made at least two weeks in advance. If you fail to reserve your space less than two weeks out, you may risk not getting the space you need.
  • Event Planning
    • As you begin planning your event, please go to the Student Union web page for a variety of resources that will help you plan your event. If your event requires food, tables, chairs, special sets ups etc. you will need to fill out the Event Planning form and meet with the Director of the Student Union and Involvement prior to reserving your space.
  • Posting Policy
    • The Office of the Student Union and Involvement oversees the hanging of all items to be posted in the Lankford Student Union, the Dining Hall, and the Residence Halls. Students, businesses, or organizations should submit one copy of their original to be stamped for approval. Only Student Union and Residential and Commuter Life staff are permitted to post items in residence halls, Lankford Union, and the dining hall. Any items that are posted without following these guidelines will be removed, and, if any damage results from such postings, the individual or organization will be held responsible for the repair.
    • Submit one original of the item to be posted at least two weeks prior to the event or prior to when the item should be distributed to the campus to the Office of the Student Union in Room 201 of the Lankford Student Union. If you have educational materials or pre-printed flyers to distribute and, thus, are not duplicating the flyer yourself, contact the Office of the Student Union and Involvement for further instruction. Remember if you are having an event on campus you must put on your flyers the disability statement - "To request accommodations for a disability, please contact______________"  Then put the name and phone number of the person to contact in your club/organization.
    • After receiving the stamped original, the sponsor will then be responsible for making 30 copies of the stamped version. Ten copies should be delivered to Room 201 in the Student Union for posting in the Union and the Dining Hall, and 12 can be brought to the RCL office for distribution in the residence halls and the remaining 8 can be posted on approved bulleting boards on campus. Space is limited and posting is done on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Need Food for your Event?
    • Aramark is the exclusive contract food service for Longwood University. If you are having any type of food or drink at your event you must make all food requests through Aramark Dining services. Their offices are located in the dining hall across from the Nance Room.
  • Use of Longwood's Motor Pool
    • Policy is currently being updated.
  • Student Union Blood Drive Policy
    • The Student Union and Involvement will allow 2 blood drives each academic semester. One for the American Red Cross and one from Virginia Blood Services. These blood drives must not take place within 30 days of one another. The purpose of this policy is to create fairness for both organizations and reduce competition for the same common goal.
  • Dining Hall Table reservations
    • To reserve a table in the dining hall you need to go to the Student Union webpage and click on reserve a room and you will see the link in the left column (Fundraising & Dining Hall Tables Form). The tables can accommodate 8 organizations. If need be, two organization might need to share a table.
  • Registering your organization
    • All student organizations must be registered through the Student Union Office at the beginning of each semester. In September and January all organizations must complete the online registration on Collegiatelink at http://longwoodorgs.collegiatelink.net/
  •  Mandatory fall and spring meetings
    • All Clubs and Organizations will need to send the President or the Treasurer to the Fall and Spring mandatory meetings.
    • If clubs and organizations do not attend the mandatory meetings or register their club or organization, their budgets will be frozen, they will not be able to advertise on campus and they will not be able to reserve space on campus.
  • The Use of Longwood's name, logos, and other identifiers
    • Longwood University reserves the right to control the use of its name, logos, seal or other identifiers so as to protectthe reputation and goals of the institution. The Longwood University Seal is reserved for special projects, presidential communications, degrees, etc.  Exceptions for use of the Seal may be made with the written approval of the Office of Public Relations.  TheLancer, Rotunda, and other identifiers represent Longwood University and should always be used with the tasteand dignity that befits Longwood University.
    • Use of Longwood University’s name, logos, or other identifier is forbidden without permission from the
      University. The Director of the University Center and Student Activities (or designee) will oversee the
      approval of student produced publications, t-shirts, and other apparel designs incorporating Longwood
      identifiers for Longwood University student organizations.  If a club/organization is in the process of
      designing a t-shirt or other apparel for an event or use by club/organization members, it must be
      approved by the Director of University Center and Student Activities (or designee).
    • The Director of the University Center and Student Activities reserves the right to approve/disapprove without cause all student produced publication/clothing designs using Longwood University identifiers.
    • All apparel manufacturers must be licensed to use Longwood University trademarks, logos, and identifiers.
      Manufacturers must be a member of the Licensing Resource Group (LRG).
    • The design must conform to the Advertising Policy contained in the Student Handbook, and may not reference lewd, obscene or indecent language, acts or behaviors. The design should reflect favorably on
      Longwood University. It may not contain any reference to alcohol/drugs, or alcohol/drug paraphernalia.
    • Organizations that do not submit their publication/clothing designs to the Director of the University Center
      and Student Activities before printing may be required to forfeit the items in question. The Director
      of the University Center and Student Activities may develop alternative or additional sanctions when deemed necessary, or refer the incident to the University disciplinary system.