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Graphic and Animation Design

splash for graphic and animation design


Longwood University is a great place to study graphic and animation design.

We believe successful designers and animators are successful problem-solvers and critical thinkers, and we enable our students to become both. We teach persuasive visual communication through thoughtful use of the language of design. We educate our students to understand the role of a citizen designer in the contemporary practice of design and animation. We teach design and animation using industry-standard technology mixed with time-honored traditional skills in order to prepare our students for success in their careers. Our Smart Studio classrooms facilitate a 21st-century collaborative learning experience for our students. Our student-run design agency, Design Lab, is both an in-house internship and an undergraduate research opportunity.

Come see for yourself all the exciting things happening with the Longwood University Graphic and Animation Design program.

  • Graphic and Animation Design laptop and software requirements and FAQs.pdf