With the broad array of theatre course offerings at Longwood students have the opportunity to achieve a traditional and holistic view of the world through the study of literature, performance art, and technological development. In order to provide a cohesive body of knowledge in the various fields of performance art, the Theatre Program at Longwood is committed to excellence in teaching, advancement of knowledge, and cultural enrichment. A faculty and staff of theatre historians, theoreticians, and professional artists mentor students in pre-professional training in Theatre Arts. The function of these mentors is to provide excellence in teaching and training through a sequence of theory, performance, and technical courses and through a program of main stage and studio theatrical productions.

The Department provides degree programs of study leading to either a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual and Performing Arts or the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students studying for the BFA Degree in Visual and Performing Arts may opt for one of two tracks within the BFA, Performance or Technology. Longwood students are invited into the BFA program through auditions and examination of portfolios, and are then evaluated and adjudicated by the faculty at the end of each year. Continuation in the BFA program is competitive, and rigorous professional standards are applied.

Students Studying for the Bachelor of Arts degree may opt for one of two concentrations, Generalist or Applied. Those students seeking teacher certification must select the Applied concentration within the Bachelor of Arts Degree.