A goal-based learning tool, recreational activities help individuals improve cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual functioning and can be used to teach skills in a variety of settings.

Therapeutic recreation majors are not eligible for this minor.

Career Paths

Therapeutic Activities professionals have a unique skill set that can be found employed in a multitude of settings to include:

  • Nursing
  • Social Work
  • Music & Art Education/Therapy
  • Education
  • Special Education
  • Health & Fitness Specialists
  • Public Health Professionals
  • Parks & Recreation Professionals
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Communications/Human Resource Professionals

What You'll Study

Requirements and Prerequisites

Foundational Implementation Course 3 credits (Required for all in the minor)

RECR 205 Recreation Leadership and Activity

Foundational Leisure Course 3 credits (Choose one)

RECR 250 Leisure Education and Therapeutic Recreation

RECR 220 Game-changers in Leisure for Lifelong Well-Being

Planning & Implementation Courses 3 credits (Choose One)

RECR 320 Facilitation Techniques / Interventions in Therapeutic Recreation I

RECR 321 Facilitation Techniques /Interventions in Therapeutic Recreation II

RECR 371 Program Planning in Leisure Services

Special Populations Courses 3 credits (Choose One)

RECR 261 Developmental Disabilities through the Lifespan

RECR 301 Therapeutic Recreation in Mental Health

RECR 302 Recreation Therapy in Rehabilitation Settings I  

RECR 304 Leisure and Aging: Therapeutic Services

Human Service Electives 6 credits (Choose Two)

RECR 110 Introduction to the Therapeutic Recreation Profession

RECR 120 Foundational Skills of the Therapeutic Recreation Profession

PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 340 Health Psychology

HLTH 210 Global Health

HLTH 215 Physical Activity and Health

HLTH 315 Promoting Mental Health

HLTH 313 Drugs and Human Behavior

HLTH 335 Nutrition

SPED 202 Introduction to Special Education

SPED 305 Behavior Management

KINS 205 Introduction to Kinesiology

KINS 215 Exercise is Medicine

KINS 218 Motor Learning and Control

KINS 301 Principles of Therapeutic Interventions

HPEP 201 Introduction to Health Education and Promotion

HPEP 340 Cultural Competence

EDUC 245 Human Growth as a Function of Social, Political and Economic Institutions


Prepare to lead and implement goal-based recreational activities in courses that emphasize professional therapeutic communication, program planning, intervention techniques, clinical assessment and reasoning, and management.