Longwood’s innovative Kinesiology program is designed to deepen your understanding of sports sciences, physical, mental, social wellness and their impacts on health and society.

Career Path

Prepare to professionally lead and educate in public and private enterprise. 

Our alumni have jobs such as:

  • Health and Fitness Facility Operators and Managers
  • Sports Performance Experts
  • Clinical Exercise Physiologists
  • Health and Fitness Specialists
  • Strength and Conditioning Expertise

Graduates are well prepared to pursue graduate/professional degrees in:

  • Athletic Training
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physician’s Assistant/Medical School
  • Exercise Science
  • Exercise Physiology

What You'll Study


With the help of our expert faculty, you will explore and discover the scientific study of movement, performance and function through biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology and neuroscience.

Our program is one of five CoAES accredited programs in the state.  Students complete a hands on internship in a variety of health and fitness settings. All students complete a common core of coursework requirements and then may specialize in one of the following concentrations:

  • Health and Human Performance
  • Applied Health Sciences Profession
  • Administration and Leadership in Sport and Exercise

Learn to lead and provide professional leadership and educational services in the public and private enterprise. You'll develop skills that enhance individual and societal well being through our innovative programs designed to increase physical, mental and social wellness in an environment conducive to supporting a higher quality of life.


Health and Human Performance Concentration

Students selecting the Health and Human Performance concentration will gain specialized knowledge and skills pertaining to exercise physiology with healthy and diseased populations as well as strength and conditioning. They will be employable as strength and conditioning professionals, exercise physiologists and health and fitness professionals. Students also will be prepared to continue their education in graduate school.



Applied Health Sciences Professions Concentration

Students selecting the Applied Health Sciences Profession concentration will gain knowledge and skills related to patient care of the physically active population under the direction of athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, and exercise scientists. Coursework is directly related to injury prevention, acute injury management, therapeutic interventions and rehabilitation, interprofessional practice, evidence-based practice, and professional responsibility. Students also will be prepared to continue their education in graduate school for applied health science and allied health programs.

Administration and Leadership in Sport and Exercise Concentration

Students selecting the Administration and Leadership in Sport and Exercise concentration will gain specialized knowledge and skills pertaining to managing leading health and fitness facilities as well as implementing leadership strategies in a sports and/or exercise domain. They will be employable as managers of fitness facilities as well as in various positions within the athletic departments of high schools, colleges, and professional sports. Students also will be prepared to continue their education in graduate school.

Complementary Minors

Earning a minor has major advantages! It’s like getting a mini-major and gives you the competitive edge in the professional arena.

You’ll boost your employment profile; sharpen your skill sets; and exhibit your strong work ethic.

Some academic minors will give you a chance to explore your other interests, and some minors help you specialize in your degree.

These minors are compatible with a Kinesiology degree:

*A pathway for a KINESIOLOGY student to obtain their teacher certification, and be eligible for Longwood's HPE online master’s program.

Transfer Students

The Longwood Kinesiology program requires a strong science foundation in Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, and Chemistry.

To stay on track for graduation in two years from Longwood University you should come in with transfer equivalents for the following courses complete:

  • BIOL 206 & 207
  • PHYS 120
  • CHEM 111

View transfer equivalency worksheet. 


Discover health-related fitness and sport science in courses designed to provide a foundation in the sciences with an emphasis in exercise, education, health and sports sciences.