Alumni Involvement with Fraternity & Sorority Life

Alumni Involvement with Fraternity & Sorority Life

“Not 4 years, but for life” is more than a saying.

Membership in a fraternity or sorority is a lifelong commitment that continues to benefit members long after their college graduation. Reasons to stay involved as an alum are very similar to the reasons someone might join a fraternity or sorority in college: networking, friendship and service. Similar to undergraduate membership, you get out of the experience what you put into the experience. Take a look below to learn ways that you can continue to give to get the most out of your fraternity or sorority membership.

Serve as an advisor.

If you’re interested in serving as an advisor, contact the Longwood University Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, a current chapter advisor or your organization’s inter/national headquarters. They will determine whether or not the chapter is in need of advisors and what role might be best suited to your skills and strengths. Each organization has a different process for advisor recruitment, selection and training; but will generally require some formal paperwork and training. Depending on which officer or officers you advise, your time commitment will vary.

Volunteer for your inter / national organization.

Visit your organization’s website for more information on how to get involved.

Visit Longwood for an alumni weekend or Homecoming.

Check out the Office of Alumni Engagement website for more information on events and how to be involved as a Longwood Alumni. When you come back to visit, contact the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life and they will help connect you with current chapter members. When you come back, you still represent your chapter! Wear letters!!

Check out the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life Alumni Newsletters.

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