Hazing is a violation of laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and Longwood University policies.  Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation created intentionally, whether on or off Longwood property, by either fraternity/sorority organizations, student clubs/organizations, athletic teams, individual students or student groups, to produce mental or physical discomfort, endangerment of life, embarrassment, harassment, intimidation, or ridicule. Willingness to engage in any hazing activity does not render the Anti-Hazing Policy unenforceable.


To report hazing incidents please visit the Office of Conduct and Integrity or complete the Say Something Make a Report form.  

Say Something is a centralized, online resource that Longwood University students and employees may use to make a report of their concerns related to:

  • Hazing
  • Threats/Concerning Behavior
  • Title VI (Non-Discrimination and/or harassment based on race, color, or nation origin.)
  • Title IX (Discrimination and/or harassment based on sex or gender, including sexual misconduct.)

If this is an emergency that involves imminent risk of harm to self or others, contact emergency services at 911 or the Longwood University Police Department at (434) 395-2091. Referrals from this form are reviewed during normal business hours and are not monitored after hours, on weekends, or during official University holidays.

Confidential Reports

Say Something is NOT a Confidential reporting platform.

If you wish to report an incident or speak to someone about what happened and desire that the details of the incident be kept confidential, you should speak with staff members who will maintain confidentiality to the extent allowed by the law.

Offices/Resources that will maintain Confidentiality: 

  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
  • University Health Services (UHC)
  • Off-campus crisis resources (including off-campus clergy and chaplains)


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Pierson Hall (Health and Fitness Center), Upper Level; Phone:(434)395-2409

University Health Center 
Longwood Landings, 106 Midtown Ave, Farmville, VA; Phone: (434)395-2102

Domestic/Sexual Violence Hotline
24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (800)838-8238