Longwood University is committed to the belief that abusive behavior, harassment and assault does not build character, does not build leadership skills, and does not foster group loyalty or unity.

Hazing is defined as any action taken, situation created or facilitated, whether on or off Longwood property, by individual students, recognized student organizations or athletic teams, intended to produce mental or physical discomfort, harassment, embarrassment, intimidation, ridicule or endangerment of life. Hazing is an abuse of power and relationships, and its purpose is to demean others. Willingness to participate in any hazing activity does not excuse the behaviors or absolve those involved from responsibility. Additionally, for the purposes of this policy, hazing includes observation of hazing activities by individuals in a position to intervene but who failed to intervene. Hazing is a criminal offense under Virginia Code: ยง 18.2-56.

The Anti-Hazing Policy includes information on how to report hazing, enforcement of the policy, and new member development requirements.