Statistics is the key to quantitative reasoning; collecting good data, running appropriate analyses and reaching justifiable conclusions. 

This applied minor is ideal for students whose main interest is in business and the social sciences, along with students studying biology and other physical sciences. 

Career Paths

  • Statistician
  • Data Scientist
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Research Analyst

What You'll Study

Civitae Advantage

Applied Statistics minors may count Civitae Core courses satisfying minor requirements as also satisfying their respective Civitae Core requirements, up to two Pillar courses and one Perspectives course. The following are the courses in this minor that may be used in this way:

  • MATH 171 can satisfy the Quantitative Reasoning Pillar requirement
  • MATH 301 can satisfy the Quantitative Reasoning Perspectives requirement


Explore both the science and art of using data to learn more about our technological and integrated world. Getting an early start on the courses in this minor will set students up for success in their academic and future endeavors.