You plus Longwood's Math program equals a lifelong career solving everyday problems and extraordinary global issues. Join our small, collaborative classes to explore math's versatile applications. Learn from expert, approachable teachers and develop the critical thinking skills you'll need in today's world.

Career Path

You're no average job candidate with a degree in math from Longwood. From teaching to technology, our graduates are scattered throughout every industry. These are only a fraction of the job choices you'll have

  • Data Analyst
  • Teacher
  • Statistician
  • Actuary
  • Director of Finance

What You'll Study


A Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in our Mathematics program allows students to pursue a career in secondary education, applied mathematics, or statistics. Through coursework and research/internship options, you'll also have the skills necessary to pursue graduate study in mathematics.

We also offer the following endorsements: 

Minor in Mathematics

Mathematics with Secondary Teaching Endorsement

Students who earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mathematics can get a Secondary Teaching Endorsement

to teach grades 6-12 in Virginia's public schools. Over the course of your time here you'll compile an Exit Mathematics Education Portfolio. This portfolio includes exam scores, proof of compliance in state licensure requirements, a Mathematics Content Portfolio, and a Teacher Work Sample.

You’ll also have multiple opportunities to interact with middle and high school students under the guidance of our Mathematics Education faculty.

Mathematics Content Portfolio: Senior year, your content portfolio will build on your four years of learning and work. Your portfolio will demonstrate your experience with specific content and show that you've met the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Content and Process Standards.

Teacher Work Sample will include work that illustrates your ability to facilitate learning through instructional planning and assessment.

Sample 4-Year Plan

Math, Teacher Preparation Concentration (pdf)

Algebra I Endorsement

If you're majoring in a non-math field, you can take seven Math courses to get an Algebra I endorsement, which will allow you to teach middle school Math courses — up to Algebra I in grades 6-12.


You'll take six classes to complete the math minor. Three of those classes will be from the core of the math major

  • Differential and Integral Calculus I, II
  • Multivariable Calculus

Applied Statistics Minor

Learn more about the Applied Statistics Minor.


The Mathematics curriculum stresses breadth, theory and depth while allowing you the flexibility to choose among topics of your interests.