Copy and Image Requirements

  1. One space after a period.
  2. Use MS Word, set flush left, space-and-a-half with as little formatting as possible.
  3. Use a common typeface, such as Times Roman.
  4. Do not underline for emphasis.
  5. Check and double-check spellings of proper names.
  6. In instances of deliberately odd or unusual sentence structure or spelling, indicate by using [sic].
  7. Do not use the space bar to align or separate text. Use tabs instead.
  8. Foreign language words should be set in italics.
  9. Include the relevant fonts, accents or special characters for the discipline in which you are writing.
  10. Do not use indentations. Instead, use a double hard return after each paragraph.
  11. Do not embed images into the document. Instead, submit images separately and in a JPEG format. Print-worthy images must have a resolution of 300 dpi. If the image needs to be enlarged—and depending on the extent of the enlargement—it must have a significantly higher resolution than 300 dpi; otherwise, the image will degrade.
  12. Title each image as it is referenced in the manuscript and include the author’s last name, as in the example: smith_figure 1.
  13. Do not embed audio or video in the files. Instead, upload audio and video to a third-party online sharing service, such as “Sound Cloud” for audio and YouTube for video.