The Office of Student Research is proud to feature Patrick Berry in this week’s “Scholar Story”.

Patrick Berry is a junior at Longwood University and he is an Anthropology and Archaeology major. In summer 2022, Patrick was a member of Longwood’s Institute of Archaeology field crew. Working with his faculty mentor, Dr. Brian Bates, Patrick and many other Longwood students conducted an analysis of the lithic assemblage and interpretations of the Sander’s site. This research continued in fall 2022 when 28 Longwood students spent close to 400 hours conducting subsequent analysis of artifacts found at the Sander’s site. Patrick was selected to be one of the two student group leaders for the artifact analysis in fall 2022.

Patrick said that conducting research at the Institute of Archaeology allowed him to “execute skills that I have learned in the class room over the past 3 years. I've been able to interactively work in an environment similar to one I would be exposed to after graduation.”

One of the most important things Patrick learned by conducting independent research was being able to “take on a leadership role on this project and become more comfortable in the lab environment.” Patrick said he particularly enjoyed working with his peers on the project and his daily interactions with his mentor, Dr. Bates.

Patrick is presenting his research at the Mid-Atlantic Archaeology Conference in March 2023.

Congratulations to Patrick on his successful research!


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