At Longwood, we pride ourselves on providing an enlightening college experience, which demands a safe and healthy student environment. To that end, students are required to view Not Anymore and Not Anymore Alcohol and Other Drugs, online interpersonal violence prevention and alcohol abuse prevention programs from Student Success™ and pass the post-test with an 80 or above.

These video-based programs provide critical information about consent, bystander intervention, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking, and alcohol effects on GPA and the brain, and much more.

Not Anymore programming helps everyone better understand how vitally important these issues are and what you can do to help make our campus safer.

Program Requirements

You are required to complete the programs before the start of your first semester and earn at least an 80 on the post-tests. You will be prompted to retake the post-test until you achieve at least a score of 80. You can review the program videos before you retake a post-test. Failure to complete the programs will result in disciplinary action.

Program Access

To enter the program, log in to Longwood's Not Anymore portal with your Lancernet ID and password.

You can use this same link to re-enter the program to complete it in several sittings, if you choose, without having to start over.

You will retain access to the programs for reference purposes.

Not Anymore Portal Problems

If you run into problems taking or reentering the program, please do not start over. Contact us through the HELP button and we will assist you.


If at any time you have general questions or concerns regarding the programming requirements, please email

If you have any technical difficulties with the programs, please contact Not Anymore’s Student Success™ Team through the program HELP button.

If any portions of this page or NOT ANYMORE is not accessible with adaptive technology, please email


The training contains sensitive material involving sexual and interpersonal violence and alcohol abuse. While trigger warnings and resources are provided throughout the programs, we understand such programming may be problematic for some viewers. Please contact for confidential support and/or to discuss alternatives. If you are a student in recovery, we are here to support you. Please reach out to

We thank you in advance for your diligent participation in these critical programs. Through the Student Success™ programs and other campus efforts and resources, we are becoming a nationwide model for a safer campus.