Purchasing Insurance

You must purchase an insurance policy through International Student Insurance Atlas Travel Medical Plan or provide proof of equivalent coverage. The benefits of this insurance include:

  • Up to $1 Million in Coverage (students are required to purchase a minimum of $100,000 worth of coverage)
  • Coverage for hospitalization/ Doctors Visits
  • Coverage for prescription Medication
  • Natural disaster evacuation/Political unrest evacuation/ Repatriation
  • Hazardous Sports Rider
  • Lost Luggage
  • Trip Interruption
  • For a full list of coverage benefits, see the Atlas Travel Description of Coverage (.pdf).

You must purchase a minimum of $100,000 of insurance coverage with no deductible.

Please be sure your coverage dates include the dates of travel to and from the foreign country when applying for your insurance policy.

Students participating in exchange or affiliated/approved non-affiliated programs: You may be required by the foreign institution to purchase other insurance, or the third party provider may include insurance in their costs. If this is the case, you must be sure to provide proof of equivalent insurance coverage to the office of international affairs. If the coverage offered by these entities is not equivalent, you may need to purchase the Atlas Travel Medical plan as well.

Students participating in faculty-led programs: Check with your faculty program leader before applying for an individual insurance policy. Some faculty members may choose to purchase a group policy and include the cost in the price of their program.

To purchase the Atlas Travel Medical plan, click the following link:


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Proof of Coverage

Proof of coverage must be provided to the Center for Global Engagement BEFORE you leave for your study abroad program. Acceptable documents for proof of insurance coverage include receipt for insurance purchase, copy of current activated insurance card, etc. If you choose to use another insurance plan while abroad, you MUST provide proof that the coverage is equal to the coverage offered by the plan above.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

  • Trip cancellation insurance is not required by the university. But, it may be required for particular programs.
  • Students should determine how much money they risk when planning for an international program.
  • It is important to read policy details closely, as coverage can differ from policy to policy. There may also be exclusions.
  • In some cases students can get coverage for cancellations "for any reason."
    The required travel insurance mandated by Longwood University does not cover students for trip cancellation. This insurance would have to be purchased separately.
  • The following link is for coverage through International Student Insurance who the university uses for the mandatory travel insurance. However, there are other products that are available.

Using Atlas Travel Insurance

Please click on the following link for a guide to using Atlas Travel Insurance. It is a good idea to bring a copy of this guide with you on your study abroad program so you know how to use your insurance if you need it

Atlas Travel Insurance How-To Guide

If insurance is provided to you through your exchange/affiliated program provider, please be sure to check with them for details on how to use that coverage. This guide only applies to using Atlas insurance.