Brian D. Bates, Ph.D., RPA
Brian D. Bates, Ph.D., RPA

Professor of Anthropology & Archaeology
Executive Director/ Senior Principal Investigator
West Rotunda 222

Ph.D University College London ‘01
M.A. University College London ‘93
B.S. Longwood University ‘92

Dr. Mike Barber

Institute Research Fellow

Dr. Mark Kostro
Dr. Mark Kostro

Assistant Professor of Anthropology & Archaeology 
Executive Director of the Dr. James W. Jordan Archaeology Field School
West Rotunda 218 

Walter R. T. Witschey, Ph.D.
Walter R. T. Witschey, Ph.D.

Research Fellow
Chichester 102

Ph.D. Tulane University 1993
M.A. Tulane University 1989
M.B.A. University of Virginia 1965
B.A. Princeton University 1963


Research Associates

Ashley Webb, M.A.

Museums Registrar and Collections Specialist

Mark Howard, B.Sc.

Geologist and Geophysicist NAEVA Geophysics