Mission & Vision

The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at Longwood University will provide high quality instruction and mentoring to undergraduate students with the goal of preparing them for graduate study or a professional career.

Specifically, faculty in the department will promote a comprehensive education in theoretical principles and research methodologies applied to the scientific study of life processes at the cellular, organism, and ecosystem levels, as well as to the scientific study of environmental and earth science, geophysical processes, and geography, in order to foster student learning, scholarship, and achievement.

In addition to its majors, the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences provides fundamental training and instruction contributing to the primary education of undergraduate students at Longwood University through a suite of courses appropriate for the Civitae Core Curriculum and the Elementary and Middle School Education Programs. The department also contributes to the Nursing Program by providing suitable coursework. The department offers courses in the Cormier Honors College as well as minors in Biology, Integrated Environmental Sciences, Geographic Information Science, Earth Science, and Geography.

In addition to coursework designed to help students become scientifically literate, the department also strives to develop critical and independent thinking skills in the students it serves through numerous internships and student research opportunities.