Handshake is the ultimate recruiting platform for students

Handshake is where all types of employers put their greatest opportunities and look for Longwood students. It's where you can find Longwood career resources, search and apply for jobs and internships, and book an appointment with Career Coaches at University Career Services.

Handshake FAQs for Students

How do I access Handshake?

Access Handshake through the online portal. Sign in via your Lancer Net ID and Password. We encourage you to complete your profile in order in order to get the job recommendations, messages, and events that matter to you.

How do I learn the new system?

Handshake has a number of tutorials and a great support team. Below are quick resources to help you get started with Handshake.

What do I do if some of my profile information is incorrect?

Much of your information is brought over from the Student Information System, which comes straight from the Registrar. We recommend connecting with the Registrar's office to be sure your information is correct. For additional questions, please contact career@longwood.edu.

How do I find events and information sessions in Handshake?

Information sessions and career workshops can be found by clicking "Events" from the lefthand menu. Career fairs can be found by clicking "Fairs" from the lefthand menu.

How do I safeguard my job search?

We strongly encourage you to review our tips on safeguarding your job search. It is very important for you to educate yourself about potential scams. If you suspect that a Handshake position is fraudulent, please send an e-mail to career@longwood.edu.

Why should I use Handshake?

Handshake has job listings and employment opportunities (including internships) meant for new and recent graduates. Unlike other sites, like Indeed.com, the opportunities on Handshake are meant for people with less experience and work history, and the companies that post them are ready to interview someone for their first or second job. You won’t have to spend time sorting through job postings that require experience that you don’t yet have. 

How is Handshake different from LinkedIn?

Handshake is designed to connect you to employers looking for new, young talent. LinkedIn connects you to both people in your industry and in other areas in order to expand your networking and career connections. Both sites offer career development opportunities, but Handshake is more driven by active job seekers and LinkedIn is designed to supplement your in-person work life, regardless of where you are on your career path.