Work-based learning empowers students to develop essential professional skills and explore diverse career paths.

Through supportive experiences like work shadowing, micro-internships, and traditional internships, students gain practical insights and hands-on learning opportunities crucial for their future careers.

Work Shadow

Work shadowing offers students the chance to observe professionals in their workplace, providing a deeper understanding of specific roles and opportunities to explore desired career fields. A work shadow experience typically occurs over a half to full eight-hour work day.

"It really impressed me how invested the alumni was in my experience for just a single day at her agency. I feel very fortunate to have been able to make great connections, learn from people who have decades of experience in my field, and to hear various opinions on issues important to me."

-Joseph Siverd '15, Masters of Science in Counselor Education '18


Micro-internships involve 20-hour projects conducted in collaboration with employers across various fields. Participants enhance workplace readiness skills and explore career paths through this impactful learning experience. The Career Services Team is currently planning a micro-internship pilot set to launch in Winter 2024.


Internships are structured learning experiences in professional settings, allowing students to acquire valuable work experience in their field of study. Longwood University offers credit-based internships coordinated within academic departments, typically requiring a commitment of 40+ hours. The Career Success Team currently supports students in conducting their internship search, offering on-campus career fairs to connect with employers offering internships, and through a student stipend pilot project for summer internships.