The CARE Team is comprised of representatives from academic and student affairs who meet regularly to discuss and develop interventions for individual student behavior before it escalates and becomes detrimental to the student him/herself or the Longwood community.

The Team examines available information about the student and situation, including strategies already implemented to deal with the behavior, when developing other possible interventions. The Team also looks at patterns of student behavior to identify the need for new policy or programmatic action that the institution may need to consider implementing (e.g. sexual assault, alcohol abuse, misuse of medical withdrawal, etc.).

Sexual Assault

As the  (pdf) indicates, "Longwood will not tolerate rape and/or sexual assault in any form, whether by a stranger or by an acquaintance, whether against females or males. This is a crime as well as a violation of the Longwood's Code of Conduct Standards and Regulations. Sexual misconduct is any sexual activity undertaken without consent."

The Dean of Students Office works with Campus Police, Residential & Commuter Life, Honor & Judicial Program, Student Health & Wellness, and Counseling and Psychological Services to support students who have been raped and/or sexually assaulted.