The CARE Team is comprised of representatives from academic and student affairs who meet regularly to discuss and develop interventions for individual students of concern. 

The Care Team approach seeks to instill self-advocacy and connect students to the proper office(s) that will provide the best resource(s) for their unique concerns. Reports to Care Team are reviewed by the Dean of Students (DOS). An initial assessment will be conducted on every report, in many cases, the outcome of this initial assessment is simply to offer support and resources to the student of concern.

In some cases, a more in-depth analysis by the Care Team may occur to determine the next steps of follow-up and provide resource referral. The DOS reviews data to identify particular issues or concerns (e.g. academic trends, behavioral or violent misconduct) that may be addressed through education and prevention initiatives.

Scope of Work

  • Receives reports of non-emergent concern, disruptive, problematic, violent, or concerning behavior by students, faculty/staff and community members
  • Determines the best mechanisms for support, intervention, warning/notification and response
  • Deploys its resources, and the resources of the campus community, and coordinates follow-up

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For any emergencies that involve imminent risk or harm to self or others, consistent with the Threat Assessment and Intervention Policy, please notify Longwood University Police at (434) 395-2091 or 911.