I Wish I Knew...

Suggestions from Longwood students who just finished their Freshman year.

Top 10 Issues Impacting the Academic Performance of Students

  1. Stress
  2. Sleep Difficulties
  3. Relationship Difficulties
  4. Concern for a Troubled Friend/Family Member
  5. Internet Use/Computer Games
  6. Cold/Flu/Sore Throat
  7. Sinus Infection/Ear Infection/Bronchitis/ Strep Throat
  8. Alcohol Use
  9. Death of a Friend/Family Member
  10. Attention Deficit Disorder/Depression/Anxiety Disorder/Seasonal Affective Disorder

Top 10 Requested Services We Offer

  1. Acute Illness
  2. Allergy Shot Clinic
  3. Depression/Anxiety
  4. Coordination of Care
  5. Community Wellness Education
  6. Health Counseling (stress, sleep, nutrition, smoking cessation etc.)
  7. Flu/Cold Clinics
  8. Women's/Men's Health
  9. Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening and Treatments

Stress Remedy

If any of these apply to you.....you might be stressed!

Symptoms of Stress Overload:

  • rapid breathing
  • high blood pressure
  • tingling in the hands/feet
  • headache
  • digestive problems
  • vulnerability to colds & other illnesses
  • inability to concentrate or make decisions
  • feeling sad or irritable
  • sleep problems
  • prolonged anxiety
  • change in appetite
  • inability to cope with even minor setbacks
  • unable to enjoy things that are usually enjoyable
  • no interest in sex
  • accident proneness

Contact CAPS or University Health Center if you need help with anxiety or stress.