Student ID

Do I need a Longwood ID Card?

Yes, a student ID (Lancer Card) is necessary to access library materials, to access your assigned residence hall, university events or to gain entrance into the Dining Hall.

Photo identification should be carried at all times and presented if requested by a Longwood official.  The Lancer Card Center is located on our main campus in Eason 204. 

I've lost or broken my ID, where can I get another one made?

The Lancer Card Center is located in Eason 204. The cost for an ID replacement is $20.00 payable by cash or personal check (payable to the order of Longwood University). 

DO NOT PUNCH HOLES IN OR BEND YOUR LANCER CARD...this will damage the wiring that is concealed inside the card.

I'm a new student. Where do I receive my student ID?

Residents that attended the New Student Orientation and Registration during the summer will be issued their student ID, upon arrival at their assigned residence hall/apartment community. Students that didn't attend New Student Orientation during the summer should go to the Lancer Card Center located in Eason 204 during weekday operation hours or during the fall opening weekend operation hours.


Main Campus

I am an Upper-class Main Campus Residential student. Where do I park?

You will be assigned a resident student parking permit and will be allowed to park in any resident student parking lots.

I am a Freshman, resident student. I want to have my car at school. What do I do? Who do I contact?

Freshmen are now permitted to purchase a parking permit. They are permitted to park in the Freshmen spots at Lancer Park.


I live at Lancer Park and have a Lancer Park decal on my car. Can I park my car on the main campus?

Residents of Lancer Park, Lancer Park North, and Lancer Park South that purchase a parking pass will have expanded parking privileges on the main campus.  The parking pass will permit residents to park their vehicles at Lancer Park and park in the commuter lots at any time on campus.  Previously, Lancer Park residents could only park on the main campus after designated hours.  The FAB will continue to provide transportation from Lancer Park to the main campus, but residents now have the convenience of parking in the commuter lots.

I am a resident student living at Longwood Landings. Where do I park?

Living at Longwood Landings is the same as living in a residence hall on the main campus. You will be assigned a resident student parking permit and will be allowed to park in any resident student parking lots. There are two lots immediately in the area of Landings, the South Lot by Putney Street; and the Virginia Street Lot at the rear of the complex. Also, students may use the Vernon Street Lot. Please avoid parking in the retail space of Midtown Square as these spaces are not controlled by the University and towing is likely to occur.

To learn more or for information about commuter parking visit the parking services website.