Intro Outstanding Bills

Outstanding Bills

If you have outstanding financial obligations with Longwood University, please resolve these issues prior to move-in

In accordance with Longwood University policy, any student with an outstanding bill will not be permitted to move into Longwood-managed housing or to consume dining hall meals. 

Questions regarding outstanding bills can be directed to Cashiering and Student Accounts (434)395-2067 or Financial Aid (434)395-2077.

Fall 2024 Move-In Dates 

Transfer, Readmitted, and Freshman Students

Check-In at your assigned residence hall.

View Housing Assignment

Please enable pop-ups in your web browser.

Log in to the student housing gateway with your LancerNet ID and Password to view your housing assignment, assigned roommate, and meal plan.

You are encouraged to contact your roommate(s) prior to your arrival.


Change Your Meal Plan

Any residential student wishing to change their meal plan may do so prior to September 3, 2024 by 5:00 p.m. through the Lancer Card Center website or you can contact the Lancer Card & Campus Services Office, (434) 395-2715 or

Housing and Tuition

All Fall 2024 fees (including tuition, room, board, etc.) are due to Cashiering and Student Accounts by 5 p.m. on August 2, 2024

In accordance with Longwood University policy, any student with an unpaid account balance not secured by payment and/or financial aid will not be able to move into the Residence Halls or Longwood Managed Apartments.

Visit the Student Accounts page for more information on tuition and fees.

Contact Financial Aid @ 434-395-2077 or 1-800-281-4677

All other payment questions:
Cashiering @ 434-395-2274
Student Accounts @ 434-395-2067
Housing send an email to  or call 434-395-2080

Early and Late Arrival Information

See our Early and Late Arrival Information.

Things to Think About Before Move-In

Personal Property/Renter's Insurance

  • Do NOT leave your personal belongings unattended.
  • RCL strongly encourages students to invest in a Renter's Insurance policy. Please review current insurance policies to determine if your personal property is covered while living on campus. 
  • RCL encourages students to limit move-in assistance from family and friends to 3 helpers in an effort to decrease congestion on move-in day.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own dollies or handcart.


MicroFridge closedMicroFridge

*Consider renting a MicroFridge for your refrigerator and microwave needs. 

Learn more about the Longwood University partnership with the Melvin Corporation.

See product and ordering info HERE.


Talk to Your Future Roommate

Make an effort to contact your future roommate(s) to discuss what items you are bringing to campus and how you would like to decorate your room. And remember, "STUFF" multiplies.

Moderation is always a helpful packing guideline when you prepare to live with others.

August Move-In

Farmville is very hot in August. We've done this before (a lot) and we recommend the following: 

  • Wear light-colored, comfortable clothing, and sturdy shoes
  • Bring and drink plenty of fluids
  • Take breaks to prevent overheating

If you have questions pertaining to the campus or the Town of Farmville, ask any staff member.

January Move-In

Farmville in January can be cold, chilly, or mild. It's anyone's guess.

Before you come to campus please check the weather forecast and check our campus alerts page. 

  • We recommend you layer clothing
  • Bring and drink plenty of fluids
  • Take breaks to prevent overheating