If you have outstanding financial obligations with Longwood University, please resolve these issues prior to move-in.  In accordance with Longwood University policy, any student with an outstanding bill will not be permitted to move into Longwood-managed housing or to consume dining hall meals.  Specific questions regarding outstanding bills can be directed to Cashiering and Student Accounts (434.395.2067) or Financial Aid (434.395.2077)


  • Arrive at your designated move-in time.
  • Do NOT park on the grass.
  • Plan to report to the lobby or check-in location of your assigned residence hall.
  • Staff will verify your room assignment and identity (please provide picture identification) then will provide you with keys and a variety of important check-in materials.
  • DO NOT drag your personal belongings or University furniture across the freshly waxed floors. Please respect the hard work of our housekeeping staff!
  • Please observe Longwood University’s Smoke Free policy. Smoking is permitted only in "DESIGNATED AREAS" of campus.
  • Crush empty cardboard boxes and place outside your residence hall next to the large dumpsters.
  • If you discover any maintenance or housekeeping needs, report them online with a work order.
  • All cardboard should be crushed and taken outside to the designated recycle sites (look for the large dumpsters). Do NOT allow personal belongings or trash to obstruct the walkways or stairways. (Think fire and personal injury prevention!)
  • Parking Regulations are in effect year-round. Once you have unloaded your vehicle, you must move to the appropriate student parking area.
  • Vehicles that park out of place will be ticketed and/or towed regardless of the fact that classes have not yet begun. Please park correctly from the first day you arrive on campus to avoid this unpleasant experience!
  • All Longwood issued room furniture MUST STAY in the assigned room/apartment.


  • Review your family's home-owner policy to determine if your personal property is covered while living on campus. If not, you are strongly encouraged to invest in a Renter's Insurance policy.
  • If you own a hand truck or a small cart, this resource will expedite the multiple trips to your vehicle.
  • You may not want to carry too many things on your first trip into the building.
  • Many other residents are also moving in - be patient.
  • Do NOT leave your personal belongings unattended.
  • Farmville is very hot in August. Therefore, plan to wear comfortable clothing and shoes on move-in day. Drink plenty of fluids and take breaks so that you do not become overheated.
  • Make an effort to contact your future roommate(s) to discuss what items you are bringing to campus and how you would like to decorate your room. Just remember that "Stuff Multiplies." Moderation is always a helpful packing guideline when you prepare to live with others.
  • Family Weekend or Fall Break are great times to bring "forgotten" things or cold weather items back to campus.
  • If you have questions pertaining to the campus or the Town of Farmville, ask any staff member.
  • Students/parents are encouraged to bring their own handcart in order to help ease the burden of moving in.
  • A special program, called Movers & Shakers, will bring nearly 100 student organization volunteers to campus in order to assist new students. This program offers student organizations and individuals the opportunity to contribute effort and serve Longwood as a Citizen Leader. The volunteers will be wearing a uniquely designed t-shirt.