Hazing Warning Signs

  • Does this activity promote leadership, sport, or academic skills?
  • Does this activity promote and conform to the ideals and values of  your sport, organization or fraternity/sorority?
  • Will this activity increase feelings of friendship between new and returning members?
  • Would you tell prospective members what they will go through?
  • Would you be willing to allow parents to witness this activity?  A judge?  Your Coach/Advisor?  The University President?
  • Would you be willing to defend this activity in court?
  • Does the activity meet both the spirit and letter of the standards prohibiting hazing?

If you answer "no" to any of these questions, you are probably hazing!

If You or Your Organization is Hazing, Remember:

  • A lawsuit can ruin your group and financially devastate you and your family
  • A reputation for hazing can negatively impact members' future employment or graduate school applications.
  • There are effective ways to achieve the group's pro-social goals without hazing
  • Learning ways to build group cohesiveness without hazing will develop skills that can be used after graduation
  • You will be more likely to generate committed alumni support without hazing
  • Without hazing, you won't have anything to hide or regret and will leave a positive legacy for future generations of members.