Say Something is Longwood University’s online system for reporting concerns related to Bias/Discrimination, Hazing and Title IX.

If this is an emergency or someone is in danger, call 911 or the Longwood University police department (434)395-2091. 

Reports will be directed to: 

Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Violence 

Sasha Johnson
Title IX Coordinator
Lancaster G08L
Office: (434) 395-2751 

Bias and Discrimination/Harassment

Jonathan Page
Director of Multicultural Affairs 
Upchurch University Center 309F 
(434) 395-4808 

Jennifer Fraley
Dean of Students
Lancaster G08I 
(434) 395-2492 


Meagan Earls Byrnes 
Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life 
Upchurch University Center 203 
(434) 395-2119

Cheryl Steele 
Dean of Student Engagement
Upchurch University Center 309A 
(434) 395-4988  


Pamela Steele
Director of Student Conduct & Integrity
Lancaster G08C
(434) 395-2862