The Accessibility Resources Office can provide a temporary accessible parking permit to students, faculty, and staff with a documented need for a period of 5 days. If there is a further need for temporary parking assistance then the student is strongly encouraged to visit the local office of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

How to Apply

If a person wants to apply for a temporary accessible parking permit they can contact the Accessibility Resources Office in person. At that time they will be asked to complete a brief application for temporary parking assistance and provide the appropriate documentation. If you have questions please contact the Accessibility Resources Office at (434) 395-2391.

Guidelines for Temporary Accessible Parking

Some individuals may find that their need for accessible parking extends past a temporary permit. If the nature of the request is longer than 5 days it may be necessary to obtain a temporary permit issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

Information regarding the application process is available through the Accessibility Resources Office.

You can also reach out to the local DMV office:

300 North Virginia Street
Farmville, VA 23901-1424
(804) 497-7100