What is the registration process for incoming freshmen students?

Registering for classes in your first semester of college is exciting but can sometimes cause anxiety for both parents and students. To help alleviate this, Longwood assigns each incoming freshman student a few courses required for their major. This ensures students are on track with courses that must be completed in their first year on campus.

The first step for a student is to complete their Start Here course to learn more about getting registered for their first semester at Longwood. Students receive an invitation to this course 2 weeks after they submit their enrollment deposit. After completing Start Here, the student will add some additional classes to their schedule based on the information they reviewed in Start Here. These courses are often a mix of classes in the Civitae Core Curriculum and a variety of electives that will help satisfy graduation requirements.

What if I am an Exploratory Studies/Undeclared student ?

We are so glad you’re joining our Exploratory Studies program. Be sure to complete the track survey (sent to your Longwood student email) so an advisor can pre-register you for your major exploration courses. Just like all other students, once you are pre-registered, you'll complete Start Here and have the chance to register for additional classes that interest you.

I’m registering for classes, but it says the class I want or need is full. What should I do?

It is normal at most universities for freshman-level classes to fill up quickly, but do not worry. It’s also very typical for students to change courses for a variety of reasons, which opens up seats in their previous classes. We encourage students to keep checking for availability in the course they are interested in and to contact Start Here at starthere@longwood.edu if they have questions or ongoing issues.

Be sure to select the advanced search feature where you can filter for only classes with open seats. That’s the easiest way to focus on all the courses available for students. Also be sure to read the course description–many students have found an interesting course they may not have taken just because of the course name. Other helpful tips like this are available in the Registering for Classes section in the Start Here course.

Will Longwood open up more sections of full courses?

The Longwood team keeps a close eye on freshmen registration and makes adjustments regularly so that no matter when a student secures their enrollment for the fall, they will have a variety of course options to choose from. We work hard to make sure students are able to enroll in the courses they need to be on track for graduating in 4 years. If you have questions, contact our Start Here team at 434-395-2556 or starthere@longwood.edu.

I’m not a morning person, and a class I need is only available first thing in the morning. What should I do?

Adjusting to an early class can be challenging, but keeping your degree on track is necessary. Try gradually shifting your sleep schedule and establishing a morning routine that makes waking up easier. Remember, it's just for one semester—once it’s over, you will register for spring and those courses may better suit your natural rhythm.

What should I do if my foreign language score is not posted yet?

It can take a couple of weeks for your score to be reviewed and the appropriate placement posted. Once you receive it, you can review your class registration and make an adjustment at that time. The great news is we offer foreign language courses each semester and even in the summer.

What should I do if I have transfer credit for a class for which I am registered?

First, be sure to send an official transcript from the college as soon as your grades and, if applicable, degree are posted. As your transfer credit is processed, any duplicate courses will be dropped, and the student will be contacted via their live.longwood.edu student email. At that time, the student can review their class registration and make any adjustments.