Welcome to Start Here: a comprehensive guide to academics and registration at Longwood for new students.

Start Here will provide you with all of the academic information you need to enroll in your first semester courses.

Incoming Fall Students

Completion of Start Here is required prior to granting students access to the online registration system during the new student enrollment period.

Students transferring to Longwood with 25+ credit hours earned after high school will complete Start Here (Transfer) and work with their Department Chair to register for first semester classes.

Have Questions? Freshman Registration Q&A

Incoming Spring Students

Students will complete Start Here (Spring) and work with the Department Chair to register for first semester classes.

Access Start Here

To access Start Here or Start Here (Transfer), you will need to have your LancerNet ID and password.

If you have not already activated your LancerNet ID, follow these steps:

  • Go to http://password.longwood.edu/
  • Click “I am a new student and need to activate my LancerNet ID and LiveMail accounts.” then Click Submit
  • Enter your LancerNet ID (as provided in your enrollment packet)
  • Enter your birthdate
  • Check the personal email address that you have on file at the university (provided in your enrollment packet) to receive a link to create your LancerNet password

Once you have your LancerNet ID and password, follow these steps to access Start Here.

  • Go to www.longwood.edu and click the Lancer Dashboard link in the top right-hand corner
  • Under Services, click the Canvas link
  • Sign-in using your LancerNet ID and password
  • On the Dashboard tab in Canvas, click the block for Start Here.
  • Read through the information provided in each block on the Home tab.
    • Within these blocks, you may be asked to provide specific information. Please be honest as this information will be used to determine your world language course sequence, your coaching group assignment, etc.
  • After you have worked through each topic, be sure to complete the survey in the Final Module. Completion of the survey will grant you access to the registration system (in myLongwood).

Get the Most Out of Start Here

  • Review all topics – they are important for understanding appropriate course selection and how to use the registration system in the myLongwood portal
  • Give yourself time to understand each topic. Start reviewing the topics early and review the information as many times as you need
  • Use the tutorials to gain familiarity with the myLongwood portal. While you won’t be able to register yourself for courses until the new student enrollment period opens you can explore courses being offered using the Course Search link in myLongwood
  • Use the “What If…” topic to explore a variety of scenarios that could impact you and your course enrollment

Need Help? Have Questions?

We are here to help you navigate this process

If at any point you have a question that cannot be answered using the content of Start Here, you may contact a Start Here Advisor by;