Policies and Guidelines

Please review the Upchurch Building Policies and Guidelines before reserving your space.

Longwood Community Members

Any Longwood faculty, staff or student may reserve space in the Upchurch University Center and will need to complete an online Reservation Request through 25Live.

Reservations submitted by a member of the Longwood community, that will utilize existing room arrangements, will be accepted up to 15 days before the session date. 

Unaffiliated Individuals or Groups

Individuals or groups that are not attached or connected to Longwood are required to submit reservation requests for meetings and activities a minimum of 30 days before the activity dates.

Support and Services

Activities involving special setups, extensive audio-visual equipment or support staffing (security, tech., after hour’s supervisor, etc.) require a minimum of 30 days’ notice.

Special arrangements and staffing are not guaranteed.

Last minute requests will be accepted only if a minimum setup request can be met and a room is available. 

Age Requirements

Guests and community members attending evening socials (dances, parties, etc.) must be 18 years or older.


Fronting is not allowed.

Fronting is a practice of having a recognized student organization or faculty, staff or student reserve space in the Upchurch University Center so that another group that is not affiliated with the University can gain access to the Upchurch University Center and its resources.

Anyone found in violation of this guideline will lose reservation privileges and may be subject to other charges through the Longwood University Student Conduct system.

Sponsor Responsibilities

Room Set Up

If needed, meet with the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Building Operations (#2106), or his/her designee, to discuss room setup and/or meeting needs.

  • Upchurch University Center equipment and furnishings may not be removed from assigned spaces.
  • All decorations and outside equipment used for events must be removed by the reservation end time.
  • Decorations, signs, program supplies, etc. may not be taped, stapled, nailed or tacked to any painted, glass, walls, door frames or wooden surfaces. This includes 3M or other temporary hanging materials.
  • Major rearranging of furnishings is prohibited.

All furniture must be put back into the original setup at the conclusion of your event.


Sponsors are responsible for any negligent damage to the building or property attributable to their event. Fees will be assessed accordingly. Individuals and/or Student Organizations may be referred to the appropriate office for disciplinary measures.


The Upchurch University Center must be notified by calling 434-395-2106 of any cancellations in advance.  Failure to notify the office can result in the organization not being able to reserve space in the future.

Food Service

Events involving refreshments and/or catered food must go through ARAMARK.


Events involving open flames, paint, sand, goo/slime, certain food events (not sponsored by Aramark) will require an additional agreement. The student coordinating the event is required to complete the required agreement forms and meet with the Director of the University Center and Student Activities to discuss the activities and the items they plan to use.

These items/events will require special permission:

  • Open flames- Must have completed and approved form from . 
  • Paint - of any kind
  • Sand
  • Goo/Slime
  • Glue
  • Pie or food preparation material/equipment

When any of the items above are approved and used the floor surface and tables need to be properly covered and/or tarped.

Tarp and Covering

Tarp and/or table covering must be waterproof and prevent any damage or accidental spilling onto the floor and/or furniture.


Rehearsals and/or practices consisting of singing, dancing or those involving musical instruments, loud music, high heels, props and/or accessories that may cause damage to wood or laminate flooring.


Events by Longwood community members that involve alcohol require the approval of the Director of the University Center and Student Activities or designee and must be registered at least 30 days in advance.

In approved cases, the sponsoring organization is responsible for completing the appropriate paperwork to and conducting the activity in compliance with the policy outlined in the Event Planning section of the Student Handbook.


If the event requires Campus Police the organization must secure and pay the Police Department 15 days before the event.

These events will require campus police and the organization’s advisor (preferably the Longwood University Faculty/staff advisor): 

  • Event occurs after midnight or building closing, whichever occurs later
  • Non-Longwood students are invited to attend
  • Attendance over 150
  • Alcohol is present at the event

The student organization is responsible for securing and paying for security prior to the event.

Prohibited Items

The following items/events are NOT allowed in the Upchurch University Center:

  • Glitter/confetti
  • Spray Paint
  • Games that utilize a puck or ball larger than a golf ball
  • Bake or food sales not administered by Aramark

Other precautions and requirements may be placed by the University Center and Student Activities staff. Failure to follow the policies and procedures of the Upchurch University Center could result in fines, loss of room reservation privileges and disciplinary action.

Updated 02/09/19