Art Supplies

Students will need to purchase some or all of the art supplies they will need for each specific class. Most classes require only one textbook, if at all, but students should expect to spend the equivalent or more on art supplies.

Generally, students are expected to purchase the supplies they will use and can order. For example, a painting class would require the student buy paints, brushes, and canvas or paper.

Students also pay a lab fee which goes to the maintenance of the studios and equipment, hiring models, software purchases, specialty papers, etc. Depending upon the course and the materials needed, these fees may pay for some supplies.

Please be aware that Farmville, while growing, is still a small town, and has limited opportunities for the purchase of art supplies. Students should be prepared to plan ahead and purchase materials in a timely fashion.

Students without the proper equipment basically miss the class, because they cannot participate in the class exercises, and can't take advantage of the class time to work on their projects

.While instructors make every effort to inform students of what supplies are needed for what class, it is difficult to predict from week to week. Therefore it is strongly advised the students purchase all the required materials listed on the instructor's syllabus. Doing so will ensure the student is prepared for class.

Suggestions on where to purchase supplies.


For specifics about software use, contact a professor in your area of concentration.


A laptop is required. For specifics about recommended computers, contact a professor in your area of concentration.