Transfer students must contact the Chair of the Theatre, Art and Graphic and Animation Design Department (GAND), who will route them to the appropriate faculty, who will determine what assessments the students must complete for graduation. This contact is the responsibility of the student and should occur shortly after the student is admitted into a Longwood program. A review of the transfer student’s portfolio may be required to determine which assessment is the appropriate placement for the student.  The First-year Portfolio Assessment is waived for those transfer students who have received Longwood credit for ART 120, ART 223, and either ART 130 or 131.

In order to graduate in a minimum of two years, students must have completed the following foundations studio courses prior to admission to the university.

  • Art 120 – Foundations of Contemporary Design
  • Art 130 – Drawing I
  • Art 131 – Life Drawing
  • Art 223 – Three Dimensional Design

All other transfer students should expect to graduate in a minimum of three years.