Individual advising sessions are held between professor and student beginning a week prior to each semester's registration period. Students are expected to schedule an advising session with their advisor. A PIN number, permitting the student to register, is required of each student who has earned less than 45 credit hours. However, we strongly urge all students, regardless of accumulated credit hours, to be advised. Mistakes can be made through self-advising, and, when these happen, are the responsibility of the student.

Students are expected to keep a folder of their advising materials, including any notes they make, and bring these to each advising session. See the advising checklist on each concentration's page for more information.

Advising Schedules

When to file an Application for Graduation

Students must file an Application for Graduation with the Longwood Registrar as soon as they have earned 75 credits. Earned credits are defined as credits given in a class for which you have received a final grade. Failure to file automatically places a hold on the student's account. A hold prevents the student from registering for classes, which can compromise graduation. The hold is removed once the student files an Application for Graduation.

For additional forms related to courses and graduation, please refer to the Registrar's forms page.