Bonjour et bienvenue! When you choose to study French at Longwood, you choose a program that will enhance your professional profile, enrich your understanding of global citizenship, and build confidence in your communication skills.

National surveys reveal that businesses seek the kinds of employees who graduate with a degree in modern languages – empathetic team players who think critically, communicate well, and solve complex problems.

Exploring connections across time, continents, and disciplines, our courses in culture, film, language, and literature train students to write, read, and speak in more than one language, interact with cultural competence, and participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world.

Our semester in Paris or Grenoble, France is a truly transformative experience, while our teaching license program leads directly to positions in the Commonwealth’s schools. As a second major, a French degree pairs easily with programs in English, business, social work, and history.

Career Path

Recent graduates – confident global citizen leaders – have become lawyers, teachers, editors, social media directors, and graduate students.

What You'll Study


The program in French includes all the courses you’ve always wanted to take: classes on French food, classes on French movies, classes designed to increase your fluency, improve your accent, and sharpen your writing. A semester in France will allow you to experience French culture as a resident, not just a tourist.

Minor in French

Modern Languages PreK-12 Teaching licensure

A major in modern languages is your first step to an engaging, rewarding career teaching in the PreK-12 setting. Our program boasts a 100% full-time placement rate for graduates with a Commonwealth of Virginia teaching license.

Sample 4- Year Plan

French Licensure, Teacher Preparation Concentration (pdf)


The minor in French requires 18 hours of concentration course work at the 200 level or above, and at least one course in literature and one course in culture and civilization:

  • Civilization and Culture
  • Survey of French Literature I: The Middle Ages Through the Enlightenment
  • Survey of French Literature II: Romanticism Through the New Novel/3 credits


Explore French in these classes that focus on Literature; Civilization and Culture; and Conversation and Phonetics.