History at Longwood

Our Greek history started on October 23, 1897, with the founding of Kappa Delta sorority, then came Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority on April 20, 1898, Zeta Tau Alpha sorority followed on October 15, 1898, and last was Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority on November 15, 1901.

At the time, the faculty and staff of the University welcomed the new organizations by immediately recognizing them, and giving them permission to utilize university grounds to conduct secret meetings and rituals. The way in which they publicly announced themselves to the university and community was always through the Virginia Normal State yearbook. A page was devoted to each organization where the name, founding date, current members’ names and pictures, song, motto, badge and coat of arms were presented.

Founders of the Four Alpha Chapters:

Kappa Delta Founders in 1897:

The founders of the Kappa Delta

Sigma Sigma Sigma Founders in 1898:

The founders of Sigma Sigma Sigma

Zeta Tau Alpha Founders in 1898:

Founders of the Zeta Tau Alpha

Alpha Sigma Alpha Founders in 1901:

Founders of the Alpha Sigma Alpha