Greek Ambassadors

Greek Ambassadors is an extension from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to help the prospective student population better understand what it means to be Greek on Longwood's campus.  This is a new program started in Spring 2014 semester with new ideas to better the Greek community. They will be attending LSEM classes and any Prospective Student Open House to answer any questions or concerns.

The Greek Ambassadors are:

Dustyn Hall

  • Taylor Hogg
  • Christian Hogan
  • Amanda Serpico
  • Amanda Varnes
  • Caitlin Close
  • Jaylin Mason
  • Hannah Roberts
  • Savannah Scheerer
  • Harry Jones
  • Julia Wears
  • Anthony Rinaldi
  • Elizabeth Dodson
  • Cassell Bullock
  • Bianca Acosta
  • Breanna Garrison
  • Erin Hubbard
  • Torie Allen
  • Jenna Marshall
  • Griffin McDonald
  • Adria Farmer
  • Amanda Payton

These are members of the Longwood Greek Community who exemplify the ideals of what a Greek man or woman should be. They are not only leaders in their organization but in Longwood's community through academics and other organizations. These men and women are going to be the main sources of contact for parents and prospective students for any questions about Longwood's Greek community.

If you have any questions about Greek Ambassadors, please contact Christina Hogan, .


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