Recognized v. Unrecognized Student Organizations

Home to the founding chapters of four national sororities, Longwood University boasts a variety of recognized student organizations.  Student traditions are longstanding and plentiful within these organizations; a number of which are Greek-letter affiliated, as well as other non-affiliated options.   

The Student Government Association  (SGA) of Longwood University has a defined process for students wishing to create a student organization to apply for official recognition. This process is detailed in the Student Handbook. "Recognized" student organizations benefit from multiple kinds of support including access to professional staff/faculty members and University resources and facilities, insurance and assistance with liability issues, and for many groups, resources and support from a national organization. Recognized organizations also have the ability to reserve space on campus and can participate in campus-wide and Greek-wide activities. They also contribute in central ways to the vitality of student life at Longwood. Through Lancer Link, a list of recognized organizations can be accessed, including fraternities and sororities, as well as other information related to campus involvement. Longwood students are strongly encouraged to associate with only recognized student organizations. 

In some instances, an "unrecognized" organization may exist off-campus and fail to follow the University’s policies and regulations resulting in undesirable consequences for both individual members and the organization. Students, faculty or staff can share questions, information, or concerns with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, the University Center and Student Activities, the Office of Student Conduct and Integrity, or to the Longwood Police. 

Reports can also be made to the Hazing Hotline: 434.395.2222