Congratulations to the recipients of the Best Student Paper and Faculty Mentor Awards for Incite, Longwood University’s Undergraduate Research Journal. You can read these and other student publications in the recent edition of Incite: Volume 14

Best Student Paper Award Winners:


Ireland Seagle (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Heather Lettner-Rust)

* Hungry Like the Wolf: The Wolf as Metaphor in Paramount Network’s Yellowstone ‚Äč

**Winner of the Best Student Paper in the Humanities Incite Award


Dalton Whitby (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. JoEllen Pederson)

*“Floating Cities”: Illustrating the Commercial and Conservation Conflict of Alaskan Cruise Ship Tourism

**Winner of the Best Student Paper in the Social Sciences Incite Award


Cassandra Poole (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Wade Znosko)

* What Can You Do When Your Genes are the Enemy? Current Applications of Gene Manipulation and the Associated Ethical Considerations

**Winner of the Best Student Paper in the Natural Sciences Incite Award


Incite Faculty Mentor Award Winner:

 Dr. Francisco Javier Fernández Urenda, faculty mentor for Rachel Cannon

* La doble cara: un tema romántico en las obras de Larra y Hawthorne


Please encourage your students to submit their best, publishable work to Incite, Longwood’s undergraduate research journal. The journal is now open to submissions from across the university community. Please share this call for submissions and the submission guidelines with your students.

Submissions should be refined, polished versions of work done in classes or as independent projects conducted with faculty, and must be approved by the faculty mentor before submission.

Students should submit their original research-based written work (including research projects or papers produced for a class or as a senior or junior thesis, or a capstone class) formatted in accordance with the Incite stylesheets, including any tables, diagrams, or photos in correct size and format.

Please visit the Incite website for more information or contact Dr. Amorette Barber for more information.