A summer research program for high school students interested in future careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

June 5 - July 3, 2024

A  summer science program for high school students with hands on learning experiences that includes practical training in different areas of research, and opportunities to learn how we can use STEM research to understand our society.

Students will participate in enrichment activities designed to prepare for college and a future career in a STEM-related field. Students will also engage with a research group as part of Longwood’s PRISM program and work as a team to write a proposal and present the project. Research projects will be in chemistry, biology, environmental sciences, math, and computer science. 

Longwood Summer Scholars Logo

You will get to:

  • learn how science, technology, engineering and mathematics have applications in the real world
  • gain confidence in your ability to participate in STEM activities
  • collaborate and solve problems as a member of a team
  • learn firsthand from college students and professionals how engaging STEM studies and careers can be
  • be better prepared to pursue STEM majors in college and, ultimately, in future careers

Participating students earn a summer stipend and valuable hands-on experience!

 Longwood Summer Scholars is funded by the Army Educational Outreach Program UNITE, Longwood’s PRISM program, and the Office of Student Research.