Mission Statement

Longwood University recognizes the need for investigations in which human beings may serve as research subjects.

The University is also cognizant of its responsibility for ensuring that the privacy, safety, health, and welfare of such subjects are adequately protected. Thus, the University has established a committee to review and approve the adequacy of human subject protection.

The policies of the University with respect to research, development, and related activities involving human subjects are based on the following principles:

  1. Participation of a human subject in any experiment must be voluntary and the information provided to gain subject consent must be adequate and appropriate. In classroom settings, potential participants must be informed by their instructors that they are not obliged to participate and that appropriate alternatives to participation will be provided.
  2. The risks to the subject must be acceptable when measured against possible benefit to him/her or by the importance of the knowledge to be gained as a result of participation.
  3. Research and training activities involving human subjects must be supervised by qualified persons.
  4. All research programs which involve human subjects must be reviewed by, and receive the approval of, the Institutional Review Board prior to initiation of the procedures. Continuing research programs are subject to review. This review must be carried out at least on an annual basis.

The principles contained in the policies and guidelines of the committee are consistent with "The Rules and Regulations to Assure the Protection of the Subjects of Human Research" adopted by the Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The interpretation and implementation of these policies is the responsibility of the Institutional Review Board under the direction of the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Since all proposals require University certification that proposed research and training programs involving human subjects comply with an accepted institutional review procedure, it will be necessary to follow the approved review procedure outlined in the policies and guidelines of the committee.

Institutional Review Board

HHS IRB number: IRB00008677
FWA number: FWA00019433


  • Jo Morrison, Exercise Science


  • Eric Laws, Psychology
  • Jennifer Hutchinson, Nursing
  • Jen McConnel, English and Modern Languages
  • Stuart Rosenberg, Community Member

Alternate Members

  • Dave Carkenord, Psychology
  • Jackie Daniel, Nursing
  • Jackie Secoy, Music


Please email your completed research proposal to irb@longwood.edu.

IRB Research Proposal Template (doc)

Conducting research with animals? Please see the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) webpage.