CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) offers online training for researchers, including human subjects research, animal use and care in research, good clinical practices, FERPA, HIPAA, and other compliance and security issues.

If you are instructed to complete a CITI course for Longwood's IRB (Institutional Review Board), IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee), or other unit, please follow the instructions below to access CITI and complete the training.

Accessing CITI

Longwood uses single sign-on via Shibboleth to access CITI.

Follow the instructions below to access CITI, and do not enter your Lancernet ID and password until you are on the page with the Longwood University logo.

Go to
Click the blue Login button in the top right corner.
Click “LOG IN THROUGH MY INSTITUTION” (middle option).
Scroll down to select Longwood University.
Enter your Lancernet ID and password in the login page that appears.
The first time you access CITI, you will receive an email from with subject line “CITI Program – Your SSO Registration.” You do not need to do anything in response.
Note that if a session is timed out, you will be taken back to the standard CITI login page where you have to click “LOG IN THROUGH MY INSTITUTION” and follow steps 4 and 5 to get back in.

Enrolling in a Course

  • Click "Longwood University Courses" to expand the section
  • Click "Add a course" under "My Learner Tools for Longwood University"
  • Go to the appropriate category of training
  • Select the course or courses that you were instructed to complete
  • Submit your selection

Taking a Course

Your enrolled courses will be listed under "Longwood University Courses" on the Main Menu page.

Click the title of the course you want to take or continue.
You must complete the Integrity Assurance Statement the first time you access a course.

Note the instructions about how many required and elective modules you must complete, and the overall score you must achieve. Required modules should be completed in the order presented. Supplemental modules are optional.

Click on a module to begin.
Take the quiz at the end of the module. You can retake a quiz as many times as desired to improve your score. Questions are drawn from a bank of questions and will change each time you take a quiz. Most quizzes have 4 to 5 questions.

You do not have to complete a course or module in one sitting. Be sure to Log Out (top right corner) after each session.

Viewing the Status of a Course

The Main Menu indicates the Status of each course (Not Started, Incomplete, or Passed).

If you click a course, you can see the status of each module as well as your overall course score.

  • My Current Score at the top of the course page reflects your overall percentage, which must meet or exceed the required average score.
  • Date Completed will show “Incomplete” until you open the module. Then it will show the last date when opened the module.
  • Score will show the most recent quiz score as how many answers were correct and the percentage. When you retake a quiz, the score will change accordingly.

My Records will display your progress on all enrolled courses.

Completing a Course

When you have completed all required modules successfully, you may print a completion report.

Scores obtained after a completion report has been issued will not be reflected in the completion report.

Longwood CITI administrators will be able to see progress and scores for their assigned courses.

Saving or Printing a Completion Record

There are two types of completion records. Be sure you know which one is required.

The Completion Report is like a transcript and show the completion date and score for each of the course modules.

The Completion Certificate states that you completed the course on a certain date. It does not list any scores or the course modules.

You can access your completion records from the Main Menu list of your courses or from My Records. 

To print or save, click the link for the type of report you want. This will open a PDF file that you can print or save to your computer.

For a URL link that you can paste into an email, copy the link for the type of report you want, and then paste into an email. 

Getting Help

Sign In, Lancernet ID, Password
Contact the Help Desk, (434) 395-4357

Course Requirements
Contact the Longwood entity that instructed you to complete the course

Navigating and Using CITI
Contact the Office of Accreditation and Compliance

If you contact CITI support directly, indicate your affiliation with Longwood.