Next Tuesday, April 3, Amy Tillerson-Brown from Mary Baldwin University will be giving a talk, "Sankofa! Remembering our Past to Protect our Future:  Lessons from Women's Activism in the Civil Rights Movement."

The talk is at 6 pm in Hull 132 and is open to the public.

Amy Tillerson-Brown, a native of Prince Edward County, is an Associate Professor History at Mary Baldwin University. 

Dr. Melissa Kravetz with Longwood's Women and Gender Studies Program notes that "the activism of women, specifically Black women, who protested discrimination and empowered Black populations either through networks or individually, have traditionally taken a back seat to male civil rights leaders.  However, as most know, women's activism was invaluable to the community building and the forging of more equitable national policy.  Emphasizing women from Ella Baker to Pauli Murray, this talk will center women activists' work in the larger struggle for American citizenship.  Visiting the work of sociologists, lawyers and literary artists, the talk will next contextualize contemporary issues that affect African American women specifically reminding us that the struggle for social justice continues."