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Fall 2015 – Spring 2017 (Tentative)

Students: This is a tentative list of courses that will be offered. The Department and faculty reserve the right to change the schedule. Refer to the university catalog for course descriptions. Refer to myLongwood to confirm the actual course offerings each semester.

 Fall 2016Spring 2017
P. Cantrell HIST 341 HIST 200
D. Coles HIST 363
HIST 406
HIST 319
HIST 364
L. Fergeson HIST 321 HIST 405
D. Geraghty HIST 465 HIST 300
W. Holliday HIST 327 HIST 328
S. Isaac HIST 351 HIST 440
M. Kravetz HIST 375 HIST ***
J. Munson HIST 354 HIST 358
B. Shepard HIST 329 HIST 464
Y. Uryadova HIST 360 HIST 413
D. Welch HIST 317 HIST 324

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HIST 461 (Senior Seminar) and POSC 461 (Senior Seminar) are offered every semester.

Secondary Education Students: HIST 300 will always be offered in the Spring semester. If you are planning to do your student teaching in the Spring semester of your last year, then you need to take HIST 300 the year before you student teach. Pre-Law Students should note that HIST 455 (cross-listed with POSC 455) is usually only offered in the fall semesters. Plan ahead accordingly when you map out your course schedules.

*HIST 495 is a Special Topics course that does not appear in the catalog. These courses can count as major electives and can count toward major requirements, when the department substitutes it for another course in the catalog.

Summer and Intersession Offerings (tentative)

 Summer and Intersession Courses
P. Cantrell HIST 120 & 130
HIST 200
HIST 336
D. Coles HIST 110
HIST 221 & 222
HIST 308
HIST 323
HIST 410
HIST 412
W. Holliday HIST 100
HIST 484
Y. Uryadova HIST 359

All History course descriptions