Dr. Phillip A. Cantrell
Dr. Phillip A. Cantrell

Professor; Asian History, African History, World History
East Rotunda 227
(434) 395-2217

Dr. Mary Carver
Dr. Mary Carver

Associate Professor; American Government, Law
Pre-Law Advisor
East Rotunda 231
(434) 395-2924


Dr. N. Scott Cole

Professor; Comparative Politics, Western Europe, Latin America, US Politics, Democracy and Democratization, Political Participation, and International Relations
East Rotunda 235
(434) 395-2526

 Dr. David J. Coles
Dr. David J. Coles

Professor; The Old South, Civil War and Reconstruction, Early National Period of the U.S., Virginia History, Archival Management
East Rotunda 229
(434) 395-2220

Dr. Scott A. Cook
Dr. Scott A. Cook

Associate Professor; Public Administration and Policy, National Security, International Law, Citizen Leadership
Director of Leadership Studies Minor
West Rotunda 212
(434) 395-2108

Dr. David Geraghty
Dr. David Geraghty

Associate Professor; Secondary education teacher preparation, U.S. history, early modern England
East Rotunda 228
(434) 395-2339

Dr. Eric Hodges
Dr. Eric Hodges

Associate Professor; Political Philosophy, U.S. Government
Homeland Security Coordinator
East Rotunda 246
(434) 395-2773


Dr. William C. Holliday
Dr. William C. Holliday

Associate Professor; Latin American history, the South Atlantic World
East Rotunda 234
(434) 395-2424

Dr. Steven Isaac
Dr. Steven Isaac

Department Chair
Simpson Distinguished Professor; Medieval Europe; military history; Islamic Civilization; Ancient Greece
East Rotunda 226A
(434) 395-2225

Dr. Tai Johnson
Dr. Tai Johnson

Assistant Professor; Public History, Digital History, Environmental History, American Indian History
East Rotunda 237
(434) 395-4881

Dr. Melissa Kravetz
Dr. Melissa Kravetz

Associate Professor; Modern Europe, esp. Germany; history of science and medicine; women & gender
Co-Director of Women's and Gender Studies
East Rotunda 239
(434) 395-2215

Dr. Christopher L. Kukk

The Wilma Register Sharp & Marc Boyd Sharp Dean of the Cormier Honors College for Citizen Scholars
Professor; international relations, American & environmental politics, civil society, political economy, intelligence & national security
Stevens 104
(434) 395-2236

Dr. Gregory Mole
Dr. Gregory Mole

Assistant Professor; France, India, economic, imperialism
Rotunda 240
(434) 395-2218

Dr. Eric Moore
Dr. Eric Moore

Professor; Ethical Theory, Social/Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Metaethics, Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Logic
East Rotunda 233
(434) 395-2176

Dr. Charles Repp
Dr. Charles Repp

Associate Professor; Philosophy of Literature, Value Theory, Business Ethics, Ancient Philosophy
East Rotunda 242
(434) 395-2817

Linda Sauvé

Administrative Assistant
East Rotunda 226
(434) 395-2224

Dr. Larissa Smith
Dr. Larissa Smith

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
University Liaison, Moton Museum
Professor; 20th-century American history, African-American history, History of the U.S. South, Virginia History
Rotunda 120
(434) 395-2010

Dr. Yulia Uryadova
Dr. Yulia Uryadova

Associate Professor; Central Asia, Russian History, World History, Modern Middle East
East Rotunda 244
(434) 395-2168


Emeritus Professors