A Fast and Fun Commute

Bicycle Commuting

Biking is an important, fun and convenient way to get to Longwood!

Big Benefits!

Time outdoors helps your overall mental, physical and social functioning.

Did you know, just 10-20 minutes, about the time of most bicycle commutes, outside can:

  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Increase a sense of well-being
  • Boost cognitive functioning 
  • Reduce carbon emissions, and air pollution

Bicycles are easy and inexpensive to maintain compared to automobiles.

There are NO Parking Fees!

Bikes also reduce expensive infrastructure for parking automobiles. 

View, Download and Print the Fact Sheet (pdf).

Find Bicycle Parking on Campus

To reduce congestion of narrow sidewalks on the interior of the campus please park commuter bikes on racks located on the outer perimeter of campus.

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Longwood Bikes!


Three students talk around a bicycles rack.
This program is an affordable and environmentally sustainable alternative to driving while promoting a positive campus community.

The Longwood Bikes! program maintains:

  • 44 cruiser bicycles 
  • Racks
  • Locks
  • Helmets

Borrow Longwood Bikes!

Visit the Health & Fitness Center during operating hours. You'll need your Lancer Card. 

Ask for the Supervisor on duty to fill out a Rental Agreement form. 

Take Off! 

You can borrow a bike up to 30 days at a time. You'll need to return on or before your due date to the Health & Fitness Center so our staff is can perform any maintenance to keep the bike in the best possible condition.

Late/Damage/Replacement Fees

There's a $5 per day late fee until it has been returned. Damage and replacement fees also apply. 


Depending on availability, you can renew your bike rental upon return on your due date.

All bikes are due back to Pierson Hall (Health and Fitness Center) at the end of each semester.


Gus Hemmer, Associate Director or Campus Recreation, hemmergw@longwood.edu or (434)395-2186.