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Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminal Justice



JasonMilneDeptPicWelcome to the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Studies website!  Have you ever wondered about social institutions like the family; the role that sport plays in society; or how societies construct gender roles?  Are you fascinated by different cultures, ancient civilizations and "hands-on" learning?  Do the causes of crime and how society responds to criminal activity interest you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our department is the place for you!

Explore these questions and many, many more by majoring in Sociology or Anthropology or Criminal Justice Studies.  Our highly-qualified faculty members take students on intellectual journeys into these fascinating disciplines every day.  Discover the inner workings of society and its myriad social institutions as a Sociology major.  Journey to distant places and learn about different cultures, both contemporary and from the past, by majoring in the field of Anthropology. Explore the criminal justice system and learn about policing, the courts and corrections as a Criminology/Criminal Justice major. 

Our approach to each of these fields is to engage our students in active learning.  Beyond our rich classroom opportunities students may do this by participating in an internship.  Students in our programs have participated in internships with the F.B.I., the Smithsonian, the Virginia Museum of Natural History, local and state law enforcement organizations, social service agencies and numerous private industries, to name just a few. 

Students may also choose to engage in one of our international study opportunities such as the Archaeology of England or the Sociology of Sport in England.  Other students have chosen to participate in the Dr. James W. Jordan Archaeology Field School that is offered each summer and explores prehistoric and historic archaeological sites in Virginia and overseas.

By discovering your intellectual passion you will find untold satisfaction in a life-long career.  The faculty in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Studies look forward to helping you discover your intellectual passion in one of our fascinating disciplines.

Dr. Jason (Jake) Milne, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Sociology


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  • Our curriculum is designed to provide knowledge, skills and abilities to students who plan to:

    • seek employment in business, industry, criminal justice, human service, or related fields
    • pursue advanced studies in law, public policy, urban planning, or related fields
    • engage in graduate work in sociology, anthropology, criminology, criminal justice, or related fields



    We also offer the M.S. in Sociology with Criminal Justice Concentration.


    An internship or field experience is required for all three majors in the department.  For additional information about internship requirements, please review our Internship Manual.

  • Family Studies concentration

    Lee Bidwell teaching a class

    Take a look at the Family Studies Concentration within the Sociology Major in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Studies!

    Family Studies Concentration (pdf)

  • Sociology/Criminal Justice BS/MS 5-year program

    The BS/MS 5-Year Program is currently under review and is not accepting applications at this time.

    Students in class and crime scene

    Sociology and Criminology/Criminal Justice majors have the opportunity to pursue the BS/MS 5-Year Program where students graduate with the B.S. degree in Sociology or Criminology/Criminal Justice in four years and then complete additional requirements leading to the Master's Degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice in the fifth year. For additional information about the 5-year program, contact Dr. William Burger (burgerwc@longwood.edu).

  • Anthropology at Hull Springs Farm

    Jim Jordan and students at Hull Springs Farm

    Longwood University's Archaeology Field School has been surveying the Hull Springs Farm site since 1993.

    Visit the Hull Springs Farm website

  • Anthropology in England

    Anthropology in England Group with Big Ben in the background

    This course presents an overview of England through the eyes of archaeology and anthropology from 5,000 years before the present to 1500 AD.

    During the overseas component, students travel to England and visit many sites of interest. This course has been very popular and is expected to be offered on a regular basis during winter intersessions.

    Learn more



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